08 May 2009

In the news: Social media for retailers

S.H.O.P. (Start Helping Our Planet) totes from Calypso Studios are re-usable polyester shopping bags.Retailers: Do you use social media to reach your customers? Calypso Studios does. This Richmond, Va.-based wholesaler and retailer uses Twitter and Facebook to promote its tote bags, and clay, glass and shell jewelry. In last month's Earth Day promotion, the company gave away $10,000 worth of its new S.H.O.P. (Start Helping Our Planet) totes. Shoppers had to register on the Calypso website during a three-week period from April 1 to 22. Calypso supported the promotion heavily with regular Twitter tweets and it posted photos from the event on its Facebook page.
The stylish, re-usable bags are made of polyester. They measure 17 inches by 19 inches and collapse into an 8-inch by 6-inch carrying case.

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