30 May 2009

Saturday's special: Multi-channel communications

You've heard of multi-channel retailing: selling in a store, on the Internet and through catalogs. Communications should be sent through various channels, too. Think about what you already have (or could have):
  • A website
  • A blog
  • A newsletter
  • A catalog
  • A Facebook page
  • A Twitter account
  • A trade show booth
  • A You Tube channel
  • Podcasts
  • Direct mail via the US Post Office
You should be using all these vehicles to tell your story to your customers and prospects. The trick is, you don't put out the exact message through each channel. Tailor the message to the medium.

An article I've been recommending lately is: 5 Reasons to Publish Your Content in Multiple Formats by the experts at Hubspot.com. Check it out.

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