15 July 2009

Contemporary coat rack

 Kleiderleiste Illuminated Coat Rack from the online retailer MochaThe Kleiderleiste Illuminated Coat Rack is made of brushed stainless steel and incorporates a concealed light source. Coat hangers can be hooked into the available slots at varying positions along the length of the wall-mounted Kleiderleiste. (Kleider is German for clothing; leiste for board.) It is available from the online retailer Mocha in Essex, England.
The rack, which is 8cm (about 3 1/4 inches) tall, fixes to the wall with a depth of only 5cm (2 inches). It is available in four standard lengths from 60cm to 131cm (23 1/2 to 51 1/2 inches). The Kleiderleiste is also available to order in custom lengths. Low-energy LEDs are the light source. They come in white, yellow, red, green or blue.

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