17 July 2009

Lessons from other industries, 2

Do you run your business for the convenience of you? Or for the convenience of your customers? It's a customer service question
Do you run your business for the convenience of you and your employees, or for the convenience of your customers?
That’s a question I first heard when I was writing about the hotel industry. A general manager of a business hotel told me his property had a business center that was open 9 to 5. Most business travelers were out the door by 8 and returned after 6. If they needed faxing, copying or printing, they were out of luck. The center was closed. The health club had similar hours, rendering it useless for guests staying at the hotel on business.
Once the hotelier thought about this, he extended the hours of the business center and fitness center. He started running the hotel for the convenience of his customers—the business traveler.
The question for home furnishings retailers is: Do you run your store for the convenience of shoppers? To answer that, you have to know who your customer base is, when they shop and how they shop. You really have to know your customer. Then you can decide the hours and days you should you be open, how to staff your store, and what categories/lines to carry.

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