01 July 2009

New textiles website

from a press release:
Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 30, 2009 -- Housewarps.com, LLC is proud to announce the launch of its website, offering hand-woven textiles for the home. Founded by Marcia Adams, the online store introduces products made by artisan weavers from all over the United States. Both decorators and consumers will have access to exclusive textiles made in a variety of styles to add to every room in the house.
Textiles perform many important functions in our homes and offices: Rugs and mats protect our floors and fine furniture; curtains provide privacy; blankets keep us warm; towels dry our hands and bodies; tapestries decorate our walls; and we use cloth to add color and texture to our environment. Housewarps.com represents the unique work of over 20 weavers who have all created their own individual answers to our textile needs.
"The weavers who consign their pieces to us work out of their own home or studio," says Marcia Adams, creator of Housewarps.com. "They have established their own style using traditional weave structures or their own distinctive designs, and manufacture the cloth on hand-operated looms. Some of the weavers raise the animals from which the fiber is harvested, and some spin and dye their own yarn. Each weaver has his/her own life story, but their common thread is a fascination with weaving and a commitment to quality craftsmanship."

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