28 July 2009

Soft throws and blankets

Blanket Barons Rosy 1 style of Chooty blankets and throwsBlanket Barons Chamomile style of Chooty blankets and throws

Blanket Barons added a soft chamomile design (right) to its "Chooty" line of soft washable blankets and throws. Also shown is the Rosy 1 style. (Click images for larger view.) The company introduced a Patriotic Styles pattern at the summer gift show in Chicago.
The blankets come in child, twin, full, queen/king and super king sizes. They are made of an acrylic fiber. The bed sizes are reversible. One side is soft and smooth; the other is warm and fuzzy.

Retailers: Contact the company for prices and minimum orders.

Shoppers: Ask your favorite independent retailer to order this product for you.

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