26 July 2009

Study shows that “green is good”

Having an environmentally friendly focus is not a fad. Instead, it is a strategic initiative used by the best-performing retailers, according to a RSR Research report released last week.
"Retailers across the spectrum of the industry are paying attention to the expectations of consumers, whether about assortment, price, service levels in the store, or cross-channel capabilities," said Brian Kilcourse, RSR Managing Partner and co-author of the report. "Green retailing has recently become another legitimate differentiator in that brand equation that creates significant quick-hit ROI opportunities, as well." He bases his conclusions on a survey of 94 retailers conducted this spring and summer.
"Those retailers whose sales are already outperforming their peers have a much different approach to green retailing," said Steve Rowen, Managing Partner and co-author. "They view environmental sustainability holistically.” Their underperforming peers take green efforts on a project-oriented basis, Rowen said.
The report examines the steps leading retailers have taken within their own organizations, and it provides recommendations for others. The study was sponsored by Intel and presented in partnership with The Retail Industry Leaders Association. Download a free 28-page copy of “Real-World Green: The Role of Environmental Savings in Retail” complete with charts and analysis.

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