01 July 2009

Tote bag give-away for retailers

Calypso Studios will be giving away its S.H.O.P. tote bags at the 2009 summer gift markets.Calypso Studios is giving away approximately 2,000 S.H.O.P. totes at participating gift shows this summer. The S.H.O.P. totes (Start Helping Our Planet) are re-usable.
See the company at gift shows in Atlanta (Southern Link), Chicago (DNA), Los Angeles (Newcombs), Philadelphia (booth 1100 and 1102), New York (booth 1415 and 1417) and Las Vegas (at the Magic show and the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Show).
The company is introducing new styles for fall and Christmas. The company also creates and makes natural jewelry (from clay, glass and shell).
Retailers: Contact the manufacturer for prices and minimums.

Shoppers: Ask your favorite independent retailer to order this product for you.

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