08 August 2009

How to sell wall décor

Art wholesaler Paragon offers a PDF portfolio product for retailers, created by WhereowareWall décor source Paragon is offering PDF Portfolio, a new online personal catalog tool which allows retailers and designers to create custom presentations and sales sheets in a matter of minutes. With the tool, retailers can create PDFs of specific product segments such as top sellers, and different product categories such as “Contemporary Florals.” These presentations can then be e-mailed or printed and given to consumers in the store.
“We want to help our customers be the first one to find the art a consumer wants, and make the sale,” said Lendell Glassco, Paragon president.
The technology was developed in partnership with Whereoware, Inc, of Herndon, Va., a developer of smart websites, targeted eMarketing programs and digital catalog tools.

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