06 August 2009

Plush sleep aids for children

Cloud b sleep products for babies and infants. The Polar Cuddle Cub vibrates and is made of soy fibers.
Lavender Lab from Cloud b is stuffed with lavender. The aromatherapy properties help children fall asleep. See Cloub b at the 2009 summer New York Gift Show. nyigf

Cloud b has two new sensory items to help babies and children fall asleep. The feel of the soft soy fibers of the Polar Cuddle Cub (left, click for larger view) comforts, calms and provides a sense of security. A unique heart-shaped vibration unit offers two gentle modes. The cub is intended for ages 3 and up.
The plush Lavender Lab has the company's exclusive blend of lavender and aromatherapy scents tucked inside. Squeeze the pup's head or back then place on a child’s pillow during the day so the scent is absorbed. It is suitable for ages 1 and up.

Retailers: Contact the manufacturer for prices and minimums. Or, see the company at the New York gift show.

Shoppers: Ask your favorite independent retailer to order this item for you.

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