02 September 2009

Visual merchandsing

Christine Sisson is back, guest blogging today about more great retail displays she found in Portland, OR. In case you missed it, part one of her report was published on Aug. 27.
With feet firmly planted in the design world, Christine is a freelance writer and public relations consultant. She blogs about style, found objects and her European adventures at christinesisson.wordpress.com. Here is her report:

Retail 101: Catch the customer’s eye with an attention-grabbing display. Here’s how a few Portland retailers made me stop and take notice.

Style writer Christine Sisson visited Hive Modern in Portland Oregon and found a great pig table by Mooi.Selling a true conversation piece? Put it up front—or even better, in the window—like Hive Modern did with its life-sized pig table by Moooi. Capture the attention of passing shoppers, and there’s a chance they’ll stop in—or, at the very least, remember your store for next time.

A wall of Verner Panton chairs in Hive Modern, Portland, OR, impresses style and trends writer and public relations consultant Christine Sisson
Hive Modern’s wall of aqua Verner Panton chairs creates a memorably striking display that nicely offsets the neutral-toned vignette in front of it. What better way for the retailer to make an impression on the shopper and promote the product than create an art installation in its honor?

At Relish in Portland OR, bright candy-colored glassware makes a stunning visual merchandising display. giftandhometoday.blogspot.comAt Relish, bright, candy-colored glassware at eye level draws in customers as soon as they enter the store. Placing interesting merchandise front and center creates a captive audience that’s apt to linger on the rest of the items on the fixture or in the vignette.

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