14 September 2009

Sandals for 2010

Flojos, Thousand Oaks, CA, is showing the Keira and other women's sandals at the las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Gift showKeira is a 2.5 inch wedge with a leopard print base and a contrasting foot bed and strap. It is available in brown, black and white. A cupped foot bed and sculpted toes hold the foot in place and provide the wearer with all-day support. Keira is one of several new styles for 2010 from Flojos, which makes footwear in women's, children’s, and men’s styles.

Retailers: Contact the manufacturer for prices and minimums. Or see the company at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift show.
Shoppers: Ask your favorite independent retailer to order this item for you.

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