11 September 2009

Visual merchandising, part 4: Fixtures

Christine Sisson is back, guest blogging today about more great retail displays she found in Portland, OR. With feet firmly planted in the design world, Christine is a freelance writer and public relations consultant. She blogs about style, found objects and her European adventures at christinesisson.wordpress.com. Here is her report:

Fixtures come in all forms,
from traditional shelves to repurposed vintage furniture and more creative interpretations (twigs, ladders, hat boxes, you name it). If you can use it to display your merchandise, and it fits with your store’s aesthetic, it’s fair game.

Christine Sisson writes about visual merchandising. She visited retailers in Portland, Oregon, including Canoe canoeonline

Canoe took a practical approach when displaying its merchandise. Rather than limiting itself to shelves and tables, the retailer used all available space—including these benches (on which they placed perfectly arranged place settings of flatware and glasses). The multilevel display is both efficient and visually interesting.

Portland Oregon retailer Relish sells jewelry as Christine Sisson discovers in this blog post for Gift & Home Today giftandhometoday.blogspot.comThese futuristic, orb-like fixtures along one wall at Relish are both fun and eye-catching. They also serve a practical purpose--containing small, easy-to-miss items like jewelry and elevating them to eye level.

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