17 October 2009

Automobile designers go to High Point

from a press release

High Point, North Carolina, October 13, 2009—The High Point Market Authority is collaborating with Buick to explore the intersection of design and innovation across industries this Market.

According to Brian D. Casey, president and chief executive officer of the High Point Market Authority, as part of the unique collaboration, General Motors designers Alexandra Dymowska and Magdalena Kokoszynsks will be on hand with a number of Buick representatives during Market to interface and explore current design inspirations and directions with interior designers and other Market-goers. Dymowska, with a Masters of Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute, was recruited by GM Design and joined the Advanced team in the Color and Trim Studio in 2007. Kokoszynsks, a color and trim specialist who earned her undergraduate degree at Pratt, also joined GM in 2007. Market attendees can meet them under the Buick hospitality tent on the corner of Main and Commerce Streets where the new Buick LaCrosse will be on display.

“Designers have a potential to author the history of their times, to literally shape the way the world looks,” Dymowska says. “Designers have the power to choreograph human behavior, to infuse mundane objects and spaces with expression, beauty and meaning—thus making lives richer.”

Kokoszynsks worked on the new LaCrosse and is now working on future Buick products. “Buick is doing amazing things with design and it is great to be part of it,” she said.
“With a cadre of young designers bringing energy to the Buick brand, the new LaCrosse is a rolling statement of where Buick is going in the future,” says Brian D. Casey, president and chief executive officer of the High Point Market Authority. “What’s interesting is that in creating this vehicle, these young designers are taking cues from what people want in their homes, and Buick sees our Market constituency as a key target audience. After all, High Point is the cradle of design in the home furnishings sector, and the High Point Market is known around the world for having the greatest number of new product introductions every season.”

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