03 December 2009

Fair Trade Federation Offerings Expanded at California Gift Show

from a press release

Los Angeles, CA (December 3, 2009)—This January, the California Gift Show and the Fair Trade Federation are joining forces again to offer the largest Fair Trade Pavilion in the industry, January 15-18, 2010. This unique pavilion demonstrates the importance of Fair Trade products in the gift industry. This large selection of products promotes equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creates opportunities to alleviate poverty. Located at the heart of Kentia Hall’s World Style Collection at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Fair Trade Federation Pavilion will offer products from nearly 20 Fair Trade members alongside an extensive collection of ethnographic art, international handicrafts, textiles, home decor, furnishings and fashion apparel and accessories.
The California Gift Show is known for providing a global marketplace and long supporting Fair Trade Organizations, emphasized through its creation of the first designated Fair Trade Federation Pavilion in the Gift Industry. “Within Fair Trade, there are specific criteria which make an organization or a product Fair Trade,” said Carmen K. Iezzi, executive director of the Fair Trade Federation.
“Federation members undergo a rigorous and thorough evaluation process to demonstrate their work in nine Principles, so buyers know that they have Fair Trade at the heart of what they do.” Carmen K. Iezzi will be present at the California Gift Show to give an introduction to Fair Trade and the Federation. Fair Trade offerings will bring a strong sense of community and social consciousness to market. Buyers that shop the Fair Trade exhibitors in the special section have a keen interest in developing a profitable business by supporting global community enterprise. “
As consumers embrace social responsibility and global awareness, it is vital for retailers to include ethically produced merchandise in their stores,” said Pam Williams, divisional manager, World Style at California Gift Show. ”The Fair Trade Federation pavilion provides a place for retailers to find these unique Fair Trade products consumers are requesting.” Fair trade is a system of exchange that seeks to create greater equity and partnership in international trading. Fair Trade is about bringing great products, from clothing, coffee, food, furniture, home décor, and house wares, to jewelry, tea, toys, and personal accessories to the public. It strives to keep prices affordable for consumers while fairly compensating producers. And finally, Fair Trade creates huge impacts on communities. The system helps to pay children’s school fees and health cares costs, meet nutritional needs, empower women and the less fortunate, and alleviate environmental impact. Visit www.fairtradefederation.org and www.californiagiftshow.com for more information.


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