19 December 2009

Supplier customizes home decor and gifts

from a press release

The Studio by Danielson Designs Delivers Elegant Home Décor and Gift Items Just in Time for Christmas at a Lower Price Point

(Vocus) December 18, 2009 -- While it is now commonplace for today’s internet consumer to jump online and customize everything from shoes to cars, creating a personalized, high quality home décor or gift item (http://thestudio.danielsondesigns.com/C1Showcase.aspx) for the most part is still an uncommon and expensive prospect. What’s more, typical delivery times for custom orders range anywhere from five days for a simple t-shirt or mug to fourteen days or more for a custom home décor piece.

Until recently, customization was almost unheard of in the home décor and gift industry. But Danielson Designs has changed all that with their announcement of customizable home décor, with a new 25% off promo code just in time for the holidays.

This revolutionary idea started two years ago when Mark Danielson, co-owner and co-founder of Danielson Designs, had a “eureka!” moment during an all-night brainstorming session. “The vision was clear: a visitor to our website would be able to customize any one of our products while maintaining our design standards.” At the time, custom was a highly specialized, very expensive option left to other industries.

However, flawless, customizable home décor (http://thestudio.danielsondesigns.com/WhyTheStudio.aspx) products were only half of the equation. It was Annie Danielson, Mark’s wife and co-founder of the design company, who understood the winning formula. “We knew the future was custom, but we also knew that we had to stay within that magic $35 to $65 price range in which most buyers feel comfortable when approaching a gift or home accent purchase.”

According to American Research Group, Inc., shoppers around the country plan to spend an average of $417 on Christmas gifts this year. If the typical holiday shopper is buying for an average of ten persons, then the average purchase will be around $40. It’s no coincidence that the large majority of Danielson Designs’ selections are priced at $39.95. “Artful design, quality craftsmanship, and affordability are all essential elements of the Danielson Designs philosophy,” says Mark.

Maybe the most important goal was Danielson Designs’ commitment to ship every custom order within 48 hours of purchase. Thankfully for the company, once the logistics of customization were solved, so were the issues with shipping on such a quick timeframe. The organization worked diligently for two years to make the customer experience consistent, repeatable, and most importantly, enjoyable.

Thus was born The Studio (http://TheStudio.DanielsonDesigns.com), Danielson Designs’ consumer website that allows anyone to go online, personalize anything from a photo frame to a bud vase, and have it shipped in two days from placing the order. “No one else in the home décor and gift industry is doing this, and those who are trying can’t touch the quality,” says Mark.

As an incentive to explore The Studio, Danielson Designs is offering 25% off any Studio product between now and December 23rd. Upon checkout, simply enter “GiveDD” in the promo code box provided. Holiday shoppers on last-minute schedules can have a custom gift or home décor item rush delivered until noon (MST) of December 22nd. And that is the Danielson Designs standard that’s the exception in the home décor and gift industry.

To experience The Studio or to learn more about Danielson Designs, please visit http://TheStudio.DanielsonDesigns.com.

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