28 March 2009

Bodum goes green (and red, purple . . .)

Bodum USA bistro toaster Gift and Home Today blog Gift & Home Today blog Housewares ShowBodum's two-slice Bistro Toaster comes eight colors: green (shown), red, pink, purple, black, brown, gray and white. The 900-watt toaster features variable browning and temperature settings, and defrost and cancel buttons. A second toaster, the Bistro Flatbed Toaster, features a flat heating surface (like a grill) for toasting larger slices or loaves of bread, croissants, bagels and other baked goods, one side at a time.
The new Bean French press 32-ounce coffee maker (below) comes in the same eight colors at the toasters. All were introduced at the International Home and Housewares Show. See more at the Bodum USA website.

Shoppers: can't find it? Ask your favorite retailer to order this product.
Bodum French press coffee maker

27 March 2009

Mirrors, mirrors

nexxt by linea, mirrors, gift & home today blog The "Instill" collection from nexxt by Linea consists of three mirrors, each measuring 18 inches by 12 inches. The inspirational sayings are (from left to right): "be yourself. live life with no regrets," "be strong. stand up for what you believe in," and "be silly. laughter is contagious."
See more mirrors, including round and square shapes, and styles for children, at the nexxt by Linea website.
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26 March 2009

More on yellow

Fiesta dinnerware Lemongrass Homer Laughlin China
Fiesta, the Home Laughlin China Co. dinnerware brand, showed its new Lemongrass color at the International Home and Housewares show this month. The company describes Lemongrass as "a cheerful hue of yellowish green." To make room for the new color, it retired "Heather" from the collection.

Also new from the company: square dinnerware and cutlery (below).
Shoppers: can't find it? Ask your favorite retailer to order this product.

Homer Laughlin China Fiesta cutlerySee more on the Homer Laughlin China Co. website.

25 March 2009

Color and design trends

Items and events as diverse as pomegranates, Mad Men, Africa and the economy have an effect on color and design trends.
The economy has pushed us from cocooning to burrowing, says trend watcher Lee Eiseman. Dressed in a yellow (Pantone's color of the year, see image, left) jacket with a Nehru collar, Lee summarized the eight color palettes that are shaping home furnishings in her March presentation at the International Home and Housewares show. These trends are named:
Greenmarket. Spurred on by a need for healthier foods. Colors include Tomato Puree, Beaujolais, Apple Green and Chutney.
Resourceful. The need to manage and preserve natural resources. Colors: Sequoia, Golden Ochre, Aqua Sky, Tigerlily.
Transformations. A nostalgic and idyllic palette. Soothing colors, including: Stratosphere Blue, Creme de Menthe, Crushed Violets, Amberlight.
Ambiance. Glamour and retro-nostalgic. See it in higher-ticket items. Rich Coffee Bean, Cognac, Silver Pink and a taupe-cast Brindle are among the colors.
Gatherings. Inspired by Africa. Cypress Green, Smoke Blue, Sand and Oasis.
Galaxy. Blues and greens, but updated with infusions of fuchsias, purples and hot pink.
High Definition. Clarity, classicism and modernism, accented with blacks, whites and grays. Purple is an ongoing theme in this palette.
Pastiche. A collection of unexpected styles. This palette is a continuation of last year's Anime. Absinthe Green, Chipmunk, Mimosa Yellow and Little Boy Blue are some of the colors.
Tinged Neutrals. Reflecting the trend to "play it safe." Tinged with green or blue, classic off-white and Champagne Beige.

For more information about the 2010 Color Direction for the Home Furnishings and Interior Design Industries, buy the book at the Pantone website.
Read more about color trends at Lee Eiseman's blog.

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