06 January 2010

Tote bags, display ideas from Midwest-CBK

Design. Style. Sparkle! tote bag from Midwest CBKRetailers visiting Midwest-CBK showrooms during the January gift markets will receive a complimentary reuseable tote bag designed in-house and featuring the company’s “Design. Style. Sparkle!” motto. The tote is made of sturdy canvas.
The company also is giving aways CDs containing display ideas. According to a company press release: "Creative display ideas feature products from more than 20 new themes from Midwest-CBK’s new holiday, home d├ęcor, gift and candle collections, including Merry Little Christmas, Wonder Lights, Warm and Fuzzy, Snow Fun, Gracious Holiday, Tinsel Town, Peace, Sandy Shores, The Suzy Toronto Collection, Genuine Monkeez and Friends, Casa Cristina, Western and frames.
"For example, ideas include creating a vintage merchantile display complete with Santa chair, glass display case and streetlights; creating a candy shop display, filling glass containers with candy-styled ornaments and baubles; and building a sand box to frame a nautical display."
Midwest-CBK’s showrooms are in Atlanta, Billerica (MA), Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New York and Seattle.

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