11 May 2010

Stylish wine totes, chic lunch bags

Todco introduced a new barbecue set, a new line of recyclable wine tote bags (left) and a new and expanded line of Sachi Fashion Insulated lunch bags (below) at the  Housewares Show in Chicago. The three new Sachi Wine Totes hold as many as three bottles of wine (or other beverages). The eco-friendly totes are available in three colors and two styles. They  have fully lined silver insulated interiors to keep wine cool for most of the day.
The Sachi Fashion Insulated Lunch Bag is available in more than 42 styles and colors. The company offers a  point-of-sale floor display that holds up to 32 assorted totes. The bags have a fully lined silver insulated interior that keeps food and drink cool or warm for hours. A cool pack can extend coolness for most of the day.

Colors and styles available include red, grey or magenta woolie, blue rose, cream hearts, magenta rose, pink and blue floral cosmo, silver, lime or brown hobo, black quilt, blue squares, circles, orange, blue or pink floral, pink squares and pink Asian floral.

Retailers: Contact the manufacturer for prices and minimums.

Shoppers: Ask your favorite independent retailer to order this item for you.

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