26 July 2010

New furniture, accessories in transitional styles

The Santro aluminum vases are exclusive to IMAX, which has introduced a range of accessories and furniture for the summer. The vases reflect light as if it were ripples in the water. The design works in contemporary or transitional displays.

Mirabella Velvet Chaise Lounge

Manning Chair
Honeybee Trend pillows with British interior styling are reminiscent
of men's haberdashery with houndstooth, herringbone and pinstripe fabrics.

Chappin Glass Honeycomb Vases

Lightbulb tealight holders are caricatures of a lightbulb. Candle flames flicker in the holder by IMAX exclusive designer Melissa Vasquez.

Retailers: Contact the manufacturer for prices and minimums.

Shoppers: Ask your favorite independent retailer to order this item for you.

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