20 September 2010

Seattle gift center holds October mini-market

press release
FINISH LAST-MINUTE HOLIDAY ORDERING and get a head start on your spring buying, October 4th and 5th at Pacific Market Center. In addition to special promotions, cold beer and warm pretzels, you’ll get a burst of inspiration to keep you energized and fresh in an ever-changing market.
  • Enjoy VIP amenities while you buy. Start your day with fresh pastries, freshly brewed coffee and international teas on us! Recharge during afternoon buyer celebrations, featuring complimentary Oktoberfest snacks, beer and northwest wines and win great prizes from select showrooms.
  • Get a preview of next season’s hottest trends. Succeeding in today’s market means being first with what’s trendy, what’s hot, what’s right now. Make sure you’re a part of this innovative, vibrant market to get all the newest styles, trends and colors ... before your competition does.
  • Fill-in between major markets. Did you miss summer market? Or place smaller-than-normal orders to see how they would perform? This is a unique, mid-season opportunity to fill in, finish your holiday buying and get a jump on spring.  It’s all right here!
  • Take advantage of exclusive promotions and showroom events, offered only here.
  • Support your local market. You want your customers to shop locally, right? When you do the same, you do business with vendors and reps who know your market, are committed to your success and carry the right products for intelligent Northwest consumers.  Plus, you reduce your carbon footprint and save time and money by doing your buying close to home.Post Options

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