16 September 2010

Tasty greeting cards coming from American Greetings

press release

PHILADELPHIA, PA – For 114 years, David Michael & Co. has innovated the way consumers experience food and beverages. This effort was transcended five years ago when the company aligned with First Flavor, Inc., creators of Peel n’ Taste® flavor strips, a tool that utilizes the sense of taste to enhance marketing campaigns. Together, David Michael & Co. and First Flavor utilize taste-matching technology to replicate a wide range of flavors in an even wider range of products.

For David Michael & Co, working with First Flavor illustrates how a valuable partnership with a technology-driven company can expand the use of flavors beyond the food and beverage market.

This tasteful partnership recently took an exciting turn with a rather unconventional application – greeting cards. First Flavor and David Michael & Co. were tapped by American Greetings Corporation to assist in development of its new line of cards called Tasties™, which enhance the traditional greeting card experience to include edible Peel n’ Taste strips of chocolate, glazed donut, cupcake and even margarita. Since its launch earlier this summer, Tasties have garnered a great deal of media coverage and consumer attention.

First Flavor has utilized David Michael’s flavors in a number of Peel n’ Taste campaigns, including print advertising, direct mail and point-of-sale sampling promotions, but this newest endeavor marks a new future for Peel n’ Taste strips, creating an interactive celebratory experience.

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  1. Looks like a very cool way to engage consumers in a greeting card or in a brand. I wonder how many other products might be enhanced with a Peel 'n Taste flavor strip?


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