10 November 2010

Dining room collection with a Spanish flair

The Bolero collection from Universal Furniture finds its design inspiration in Spain. Carving is minimal in this generously scaled collection, the company states. Gadrooning frames patterns formed by flowing cherry, maple and walnut marquetry. (Gadrooning, according to Wikipedia, is "a decorative motif consisting of convex curves in a series. In furniture and other interior accessories, the term applies to an ornamental carved band of tapered, curving and alternating concave and convex sections, usually diverging obliquely either side of a central point, often with rounded ends vaguely reminiscent of flower petals."
Other materials in the Bolero collection include leather (tooled and untooled) and decorative metals. The company introduced the line at the October 2010 High Point furniture market. (Click photos for a larger view.)

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