03 November 2010

Fair trade home decor, jewelry and stationery

World Shoppe works with several artisan cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and locally controlled small businesses in some 32 countries. The company is committed to:
  • Providing work and income for the most economically disadvantaged artisans throughout the world;
  • Promoting fair trade;
  • Encouraging the empowerment of women and physically challenged individuals through raising their self-esteem, dignity and self-sufficiency;
  • Creating a non-exploitive, supportive business environment in which women of different religions, ethnicities and ages can gain energy and learn to work together
  • Protecting children's rights;
  • And developing employment opportunities for many artisans, many of whom would not be employable in mainstream business.
See the World Shoppe website for greeting cards, jewelry, apparel, home decor, ethnic items, eco-friendly products and more.

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