13 November 2010

Trade Association Announces Health Insurance for Members

Press release


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The Gift and Home Trade Association (GHTA), the industry's leading non-profit trade association, has partnered with Association Health Programs (AHP) to offer its members a wide range of savings on health insurance, long-term care, disability income, critical illness, dental, vision and life insurance. This new membership benefit is a result of an exhaustive search to find the best company to provide health insurance to the GHTA membership.

"Over the past few years, during various trade shows and industry events, our members have continually expressed their concern regarding health benefits," says Beth Lang, president of the GHTA. "Health insurance has been, and continues to be, a tension issue for all industry members --- regardless of company type or size or income. We hope that this partnership will ease that tension by providing substantial savings to our members."

Through AHP, a niche player in association and employee health programs, GHTA members provide their current company or individual health insurance plan along with their health history for review. AHP then advises the company as to whether or not they're adequately insured and works to get the company the best possible insurance with an "A" rated carrier.

"Finally, the independent rep, small vendor, and small retailer who are GHTA members have the same health insurance buying power as a big company, thanks to our partnership with AHP," says Denny King, an ex-officio board member who has worked on acquiring health insurance for GHTA for the last two years. "With our partnership with AHP, we now offer health insurance to our members but maybe even more important, we offer them a Health Care Advocate."

For more information about this new partnership or to receive a health insurance quote for GHTA members, please visit http://www.associationpros.com/assoc/ghta/ or call AHP direct at 888.450.3040.

For more information about the GHTA, please visit www.giftandhome.org or email info@giftandhome.org.

About the GIFT AND HOME Trade Association

GHTA is the gift and home industry's non-profit professional trade association formed to help vendors, sales agencies and industry affiliates work together to improve relationships. GHTA's mission is to lead and transform the gift and home industry to ensure its long-term health and viability. GHTA has four major initiatives: to educate sales professionals; to understand and educate the industry on opportunities for technological efficiencies; to support and cultivate the industry's independent retailers; and to understand and educate the industry on showroom/trade show costs, statistics, schedules, opportunities and preferences. GHTA can be reached by email at info@giftandhome.org. For more information on the GIFT AND HOME Trade Association visit www.giftandhome.org.

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  1. This is really such a great thing. We still have health insurance through the company my husband works for, but he is trying to get a business started, and at that point, he would leave his company and we would be without insurance. It is so nice to know there are options out there.

    Thanks for posting this.


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