27 October 2010

Pent-Up Demand for Custom and Ready-Made Picture Frames

New Unity Marketing report on the picture framing market finds customers have between 6 and 7 items waiting to be framed -- the makings of a framing boom!

Stevens, PA  October 20, 2010 --  Although the art market has been hit hard by the one-two punch of the recession and a product category that has become increasingly irrelevant to consumers, there is one bright spot on the horizon:  Consumers love to frame photos and personal mementos, and they have a number of items waiting in the wings for just the right frame.

"The increase in demand for framing, both custom and ready-made, is being driven by a boom in digital photography," says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and lead researcher on the latest Art, Wall Decor, Custom Framing, and Picture Frame Report.  A new survey among 1,300+ category buyers showed that nearly everyone has a digital camera, and almost two-thirds of them printed and framed a photo in the past year, likely to go on a photo wall or in-home gallery.

"Digital photos are prime examples of the types of items consumers want to frame -- items that have a significant emotional value, as well as perhaps a monetary value.  In our recent survey, we found that consumers are collecting items to frame faster than they can frame them, creating a backlog of pent-up demand."

For example, the survey found that people had an average of 6.3 items waiting to be framed.  This number was even higher for those who had purchased framing in the past.  Those who had purchased ready-made picture frames in the past reported an average of 6.6 items waiting to be framed, while those who purchased custom framing in the past had 6.9 items in the queue.

"This backlog of items waiting to be framed is a golden opportunity for makers and marketers of ready-made frames and custom framing services," says Danziger.  "Marketers can entice consumers to frame some of these items waiting for attention by offering sales and specials on ready-made frames, perhaps giving a buy-two-get-one special on purchases of frames in a certain style.  This will play in nicely to the trend of consumers having an in-house gallery or photo wall displaying their prized memories."

"Custom framers can do likewise, but our survey also found that these marketers have an opportunity to attract customers by creating an atmosphere of respect for a customer's cherished item.  Simply keeping the store neat and clean and taking great care in handling the item are ways of reassuring the consumer that they can trust their treasure with the framer.  Whether it is a vintage baseball card worth thousands of dollars or a son's Little League photo, these are irreplaceable items.  The framer who treats them as such will get the business.

26 October 2010

Oilily Back as Lifestyle Brand

from a press release

October 20, 2010/PRNewswire/ -- The colorful Dutch clothing label which has been brightening up the world since 1963, has made a full comeback. A year after being bought back by its founders, Oilily has launched its first childrenswear collection. It is also working hard on a womenswear collection, accessories and a variety of lifestyle products.

After the previous management filed for bankruptcy in 2009, it seemed as if Oilily would disappear. Its founders, the Olsthoorn family, were unable to bear this thought. They bought back the brand, determined to turn the Oilily brand back once again into a global brand.

This season the new childrenswear collection, which is the mainstay of Oilily, is available in shops in 40 countries including China, Japan, Korea, and the United States. The 'Gipsy Tales of Freedom' collection was inspired by gypsies and other free spirits and mixes classic and modern influences from different cultures. Most striking are the special details, the handmade traditional folk-style embroidery and the high quality. This is Oilily as you all know it.

Oilily is particularly known for its children's and women's clothing. However, the refreshing nature of the brand also fits lifestyle products very well. Over the coming years Oilily will concentrate on designing a unique lifestyle alongside its high-end clothing collection. The key word for Oilily is renewal. This new strategy is highlighted by a brand new philosophy: make
new things happen.

Oilily has for some time also operated Oililyshop.com, aimed at the European market, where clothing, bags, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and everything that Oilily designs is available. The first new womenswear collection is also available exclusively on the site. Due to the high demand
for Oilily products in the United States, an online shop for the American market will be launched in 2011.

25 October 2010

Antler-themed home decor

A jewelry holder and a table game from imm Living Inc. will be arriving in stores this fall.

Buck Stacking Game by designer Andrea Kezdi

Adorn jewelry holder by designer Andrea Kezdi

24 October 2010

Register for New Orleans conference

Monday, October 25 is the last date to get the special room rate at the Ritz Carlton hotel for the Gift and Home Trade Association conference in New Orleans. The conference runs Nov. 18 to 20. See the program and registration details here.

Earlier this month, Gift for Life, the gift, stationery and home decor industries’ leading charitable organization, announced it will be a beneficiary of the charity golf tournament to be held at English Turn in New Orleans on Thursday, November 18, during the 8th annual Gift and Home Trade Association conference.

This year’s GHTA conference, Jazz Up Your Business in the Big Easy, will be held from November 18-20 at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans and will feature several keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, and a special presentation by NFL legend Archie Manning. 

“We invite everyone to enjoy golf in the Big Easy while helping our industry’s leading charity,” said Diane Carnevale Jones, executive director.  “We encourage everyone—no matter what skill level—to come out and have fun for a great cause.”  Proceeds from the GHTA Golf Outing will be split equally between Gift For Life and GHTA.

“We are honored to work with GHTA and to be the beneficiary from this event,” said Jenny Hammons, chair of the Gift For Life board.  “GHTA’s continuing commitment to the industry and supporting social causes are deeply appreciated.”  

The Gift and Home Trade Association is the gift and home industry’s only non-profit professional trade association formed to help vendors, sales agencies, industry affiliates and retailers work together to improve the industry.  GHTA's mission is to lead and transform the gift and home industry to ensure its long-term health and viability. GHTA hosts an annual conference and distributes monthly newsletters to inform and educate its members.

The primary mission of Gift for Life and DIFFA is to eradicate the AIDS pandemic in the U.S.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports an increased incidence of HIV infections in the United States in 2008.  Working together, Gift for Life and DIFFA will continue to raise funds for HIV/AIDS service and education programs.  
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