04 November 2010

Vintage Easter and Valentine's Day greeting cards

Caspari's new Winterthur Easter and Valentine's Day cards are inspired by designs found in the extensive John and Carolyn Grossman Collection currently housed in Winterthur's library. Caspari's charming cards feature chicks and bunnies, daisies, kissing lovers, angels, roses, and more. The designs are taken straight from the originals, which represent just a small sample of the Grossman Collection, a wonderful resource for designs. The collection consists of more than 250,000 pieces of ephemera dating mostly to the 1800s.

03 November 2010

Fair trade home decor, jewelry and stationery

World Shoppe works with several artisan cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and locally controlled small businesses in some 32 countries. The company is committed to:
  • Providing work and income for the most economically disadvantaged artisans throughout the world;
  • Promoting fair trade;
  • Encouraging the empowerment of women and physically challenged individuals through raising their self-esteem, dignity and self-sufficiency;
  • Creating a non-exploitive, supportive business environment in which women of different religions, ethnicities and ages can gain energy and learn to work together
  • Protecting children's rights;
  • And developing employment opportunities for many artisans, many of whom would not be employable in mainstream business.
See the World Shoppe website for greeting cards, jewelry, apparel, home decor, ethnic items, eco-friendly products and more.

02 November 2010

Contemporary furniture in exotic wood, fine leather

Moderna by Roberta Schilling features smooth metal, exotic woods, fine leather and delicate fibers. The collection is marked by clean lines and striking shapes. It was launched at the autumn High Point market.


Banco Ribs

01 November 2010

Calling all university students

Following is a letter from the founder of Groovy Stuff home furnishings.

For those of you that are keeping up with our student project with The Appalachian State University I would like to include you on an additional initiative that has snowballed since the recent High Point Market.  We are establishing a University Hall at all the major markets across the country so that young professionals have a place to display their work and ultimately find a reason to join and employ themselves in the Home Furnishings Industry of America.  We are currently reaching out to all the universities from around the country that offer programs that would benefit our industry.  And we can use your help! 

Our ultimate goal is to publish this list to the industry so that Retailers, Designers, Hospitality and Contract professionals, and Manufacturers and from all walks of the industry can reach out to whatever program is closest to them and employ these programs to benefit their companies and communities.

Please let us know if there are universities or programs that you would like to include in this initiative for all.  Ultimately the name of the school or organization, the program they are running, and the contact name, phone number and e-mail address are what we are looking for.  So please lend a hand to the industry if you have time and let us know who you is in your neighborhood!

Below is the link below for the Channel 14 news story that is currently running in North Carolina.

Our goal as a company is to modernize our traditional rustic home furnishings into a more modern look.  This has expanded into an industry wide contribution from coast to coast.  We are in the process of opening up several University Halls at the various markets across the country to include graduating students seeking employment in the home furnishings industry.  More details on this when we visit.

I am looking forward to working with you, the professors, and most importantly the students from around the country to include them in our University Hall Initiative the Spring!

Kind Regards,

Chris Bruning

31 October 2010

BeeLine Home, Four Hands Take Top Showroom Display Awards

BeeLine Home by Bunny Williams won the Best of Market Award in the High Point Market Authority’s Showroom Design and Merchandising Ideas Competition. Winner of the contest’s People’s Choice Award was Four Hands. Miles Talbott was named First Runner Up for Best of Market, and American Leather was Second Runner Up.

Launched at the Fall 2007 High Point Market, the Showroom Design Competition celebrates the extraordinary creativity and inventiveness of High Point Market exhibitors.

The Best of Market Award recognizes the showroom that best exemplifies design excellence and is voted on by a panel of judges. The judges for this year’s competition were Michael Boodro, editor in chief of Elle Decor; Pamela Graves, former editorial director of HomeFashion; and interior designer Tobi Fairley, a popular blogger who has been featured in numerous consumer publications.

Read more on the highpointmarket.org website.
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