29 January 2011

2011 home decor style trends

(The following is based on an article I wrote for Imax Worldwide Home. Read the entire blog post there, which is illustrated with photos of home decor.)

Consumer spending is pointing to an improving economy. Retail sales have risen for six months in a row. In fact, they were up 6.7% in 2010, the best gain in more than a decade. Retailers are shopping the winter markets with a little more cash in their pockets. Here are four home decor trends to keep in mind as you buy for 2011.
Bright and Happy. Perhaps consumers are feeling a little bit more confident about their finances or they are simply tired of economizing. They are ready to perk up their homes. Look for bright colors in home decor. Brights can be matched with grays and neutrals for a stunning effect. Pantone's 2011 color of the year is Honeysuckle, a reddish pink. 

Clean and Coastal. Wherever you are in the United States, you aren't far from water. Oceans, lakes (Great and small) and rivers inspire home decor. Design influences range from yachts to rowboats. Look for nautical blue cushions trimmed with white piping. Seashells appear furniture, wall decor and lamps, and they are used alone as decorative accents in their own right.  
Affordable Luxe. The look says luxury but the price point says otherwise This is the style for the shopper who likes to celebrate special occasions in her home. At market, watch for furniture with mirrored surfaces. On decorative accessories, take note of mirrors accenting photo frames and decorative boxes. 
Warm and Welcoming.  We have trimmed our dining-out budgets and become accustomed to home entertaining. But now it’s time for an upgrade. Whether it's a formal dinner party, a wine-tasting get-together or a simple drop-in for a cup of coffee, hostesses seek to change out their current dinnerware for something new. Blue is a strong color on the table this year. 

Use the momentum of rising retail sales to retain your customer base and to bring in new shoppers. Position yourself as the "go-to" retailer of fashion-forward home furnishings and gifts.

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