28 January 2011

Tote bag for apparel

The Green Garmento, filled with drycleaning

The Green Garmento is like a reusable bag for groceries, except that it is for clothes. It eliminates the drycleaning bag. At home, the bag serves as a hamper. Then it becomes a tote bag for the trip to the drycleaner. On the return trip to pick up clothes, the Green Garmento is a garment bag.

As a laundry hamper
The bag is available online now at the company's website and will be launched nationally at the International Housewares Show in March. The product is endorsed by Mike “The Situation” Sorentino of "Jersey Shore." He lives by the motto “GTL” (gym/tan/laundry). The Green Garmento says GTL can also mean “Green The Laundry.”
Filled with dirty clothes, on the way to the drycleaner's

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