01 February 2011

Soapstone barware and votives

Teroforma's Ekke stacking votives are made of gray and black soapstone. The stone's polished surface gracefully amplifies a candlelight's flicker. The votives measure from 2 to 3.5 inches tall. Thea Mehl of Oslo designed the product, which is handfinished by Amit Stoneworks, Agra, India.

Mouthblown crystal tumblers and carafes are available in blue, green and charcoal. The non-lead crystal tumblers and carafes are individually mouthblown by master glassblowers at the centuries-old Kvetna Glassworks in Czech Republic. Three tumbler styles are availble: Avva (flares in or flares out), designed by Thea Mehl, Oslo. Ekke (straight up and down), designed by Roman Vrtiska, Prague. Issi (S-curved), designed by Peter Nolan, NYC.

The Ekke Shot Glass is produced from natural soapstone, so it won't absorb flavors or aromas. The sleek cylindrical shape can stack for easy storage. Freeze for four hours before using, and it will keep beverages cold without the need for ice. The 2-ounce shot glass is intended for frozen vodka and other spirits that benefit from the big chill. It was designed for Teroforma by Thea Mehl, Oslo, and handfinished by Amit Stoneworks, Agra, India.

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