26 March 2011

The blog celebrates its 2nd anniversary

Thank you, readers. You have been supporting Gift & Home Today for two years now. My first post on March 25, 2009 was about color and design trends for the year.  I started this blog as a way to stay connected to the gift and home furnishings industry after the demise of Home Decor Buyer magazine. I was the founding (and only) editor.
Gift, furniture and home accessories sources have been generous with the information and photos they provide me. You, the reader, have been generous with your time to visit this site, and to return. This blog outperforms blogs of similar size on most measurements (including visits, page views and time on the site).
Use the archives or the product cloud (on the right) or the find box (in the top left) to look for items that have been published. You might find a new source or a new idea.
I hope that what you see here inspires you to create a beautiful environment in your home. And, if you find something you wish to own, I hope that you buy it from a locally owned bricks-and-mortar retailer in your town.

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