18 April 2011

Contempo plates based on 19th century Brooklyn prints

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Last week, Think Fabricate launched a new line of transferware plates at 7 W New York Tabletop Week in Gallery on Six (Suite 604). Jason Gorsline, co-founder of Think Fabricate, said “Since our first collection of furniture included a wall-mounted display cabinet, it seemed fitting that we design a special group of plates to adorn the shelves and show our connection to Brooklyn, where we live and work.”
Each of the three transferware plates features a portion of a lithographic print by Currier and Ives dating back to 1879, showing a “balloon view” of Brooklyn with its south and west waterfront in the foreground. The three details from the map used on the plates illustrate the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights and the Navy Yard with Wallabout Bay in the foreground. The reverse side of the each coupe-style plate depicts the Think Fabricate logo – a composition of two overlapping heads forming a light bulb.

The color of the plates is the same blue that is featured in the Think Fabricate logo. Susan Doban, co-founder of Think Fabricate, explains, “It’s a bit more intense and rich than a traditional Wedgewood blue, giving the historical imagery on the plates a more modern appearance. In our interior design and architectural projects, we often find that the right color can make an important impact and breathe new life into a historical space.” See Think Fabricate on Facebook.

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