14 April 2011

Selected works of Mexican artist Karla d’Lara

Phillips Collection showed 350 works of Mexican artist Karla d’Lara at the High Point market earlier this month. The company featured her sculptures, tables and accessories for 2011.

The Phillips Collection provided this statement about the artist:

Making use of her memory, Karla d’Lara recreates a universe of atmospheres touched by the mystery of that which is poetic. Her work is an expression of genuine character which reveals itself as a powerful wave of technique, color and vivid movement.
Memories…to create atmospheres, defines Karla’s intuitive sense of art. Memory is the storehouse for abstractness which may materialize during a walk on a summer’s evening, like a voyeur in a faraway place. Its unstated goal is to discover the essential aroma of emotions resulting from a process of seduction. Expressed through the hands of an artist, its immense power is revealed for all to see.

She began to study photography as a teenager during summer trips abroad, and it became her first great passion. After taking advanced courses and accumulating plenty of experience, she traveled through Europe, Asia, and the Americas capturing the images of different cultures.

Karla is able to amalgamate her ideas with the help of skilled and exacting craftsmen, who have shared their homegrown techniques from workshops in Tonala, Jalisco, a hotbed of artists and great authors. A case in point is artist Salvador Rabelero, an expert in ceramics, glass, pigment combinations, acrylic paintings and mixed techniques. Today he is Karla’s inseparable partner in artistic creation.

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