20 May 2011

Transitional sofas, chairs with classic details

Casali sofa from Taylor

“Essence of Elegance” is a collection of architecturally inspired, moderately scaled upholstery silhouettes from Taylor King.  The collection is represented with the Casali sofa. The vendor states, "the extreme front-to-back convergence of the graceful arms, adorned with pewter nails, allow this sofa to make a style statement when shown as a pair in a room. An ultra femme feeling is created by the use of lush, graphic beautifully appointed textiles."
The Tresor chair (left) is available with a dressmaker skirt.

“Urban Archeology,” an urban mystique that focuses on a casual approach to elemental beauty, is featured with the Smythson sofa. Intricate American craftsmanship is featured with the sophistication of the diamond tufted treatment on the outsides of the sofa.

Smythson sofa

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