03 June 2011

Area rugs for Halloween and winter

Peking Handicraft Inc. will debut a variety of new rugs at markets in Dallas, Atlanta, New York and elsewhere. The latest introductions include seven hook rugs, both Halloween and winter season-inspired, designed by the company’s newest licensee, Scott Church.

Six of the seven pieces created by Church are winter-holiday inspired and feature animals both familiar and foreign to holiday d├ęcor. These colorful, fashion-forward designs include a zebra amidst falling snow, three penguin kings bearing gifts, elephants carrying a Christmas tree, and a hedgehog pulling a sleigh of gifts. Church also offers more traditionally-themed creations, which feature snowmen and dogs.

Additionally, Church has designed a playful Halloween rug showcasing trick-or-treaters in their costumes making their way through a patch of trees littered with jack-o-lanterns and a large, orange moon lightening their way in the background.

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