29 June 2011

A romantic food and cocktail garnish

Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. will introduce an exclusive, limited-edition food at the Atlanta gift show in July. The product is "bursting with joie de vivre," says Lee Etherington, the company founder. Each 12.3-ounce jar contains 15 hand-picked wild hibiscus flowers that are preserved in simple syrup scented with the essence of two dozen Bulgarian roses, sourced from a valley where highly prized rose oil hasbeen produced for centuries. The syrup can be mixed with a dry, sparkling wine. The flowers are edible.

The company says its flowers in rose syrup and the flowers alone are "trendy, edible food and cocktail garnishes" that have a three-year shelf life. They can be used in food dishes and cocktails and served at weddings, engagement parties, birthdays,holidays and themed events.

Qualifying retailers receive free POS materials—recipe brochures, counter and shelf displays,
plus wobblers.

See the company in Atlanta  at Booth 719, Building 2 - West Wing, 2nd Floor

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