22 June 2011

Windchime honors Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Woodstock Chimes, the manufacturer of precision-tuned windchimes, honors the newlyweds, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,with a Royal Wedding Chime. The chime will be available in July, coinciding with the newlywed’s first trip to the U.S. The chime combines the strength of five large silver anodized tubes with a warm, heart-shaped feather and charmingly designed top piece, featuring five interlocking hearts.
The feather and clapper are both offset by clear glass crystal accents. Woodstock Chimes says "symbolizing the strength of love and power of togetherness, the chime is tuned to the sweet notes of “Westminster Quarters,” made famous by the Big Ben clock tower at London’s Westminster Palace."
The Woodstock Royal Wedding Chime measures 64 inches in length and retails for $100. It can be seen at various shows throughout the 2011 summer market season, including Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York.

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