13 July 2011

Follow the “best of” the Atlanta gift market live

bwconnect to Stream “Best of” Market Info Live in Atlanta

Complimentary Food, Drink, Samples, Giveaways and Events Info Available in Real Time

By bwconnect

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – bwconnect™, the online wholesale shopping site dedicated to the gift & home industry, will be connecting retailers in Atlanta with a live, up-to-the-minute listing of all the food, drink, swag and party information as it happens. The service, called #WhoWhatWhere allows retailers to know, at any given time during their shopping experience, where the best complimentary services can be found. Whenever they get hungry, decide it's time for a drink, need a little something sweet, or want to find the hottest event - they can simply check the stream and have a live listing at their fingertips.

To access the free service, users simply hop on twitter at www.twitter.com and follow the bwconnect account (@bwconnect). To see a complete list of everything going on including other’s comments, click on any of the highlighted #WhoWhatWhere hashtag links or enter #WhoWhatWhere in the twitter search box. Retweeting a listing with a personal message attached can also be a convenient way meet up with friends during market.

bwconnect™ is the only free wholesale shopping site specifically for Gift and Home retailers that lets them shop thousands of new products from more than a hundred suppliers with a single shopping cart while connecting with their rep. The service was created by Brandwise, the leading sales technology company that has been dedicated exclusively to servicing the Gift and Home industry since 1997 when it first introduced hand-scanning technology to the industry.

“Brandwise technology has always been aimed at enabling manufacturers and sales reps to sell more efficiently and the retailer ultimately has benefited in the end with an enhanced buying experience,” says Todd Litzman, president of Brandwise. “bwconnect is our online portal made directly for the convenience of the retailer to work with their rep and supplier anytime 24/7. We wanted to do something directly for the retailers at market and this seemed like a common-sense way to provide them with the most up-to-date information they want, when they want it, and using some of the latest social media technology to even further enhance their buying experience.”

All showroom exhibitors are welcome to submit their complimentary services for inclusion on #WhoWhatWhere by sending details to Joyce Kesler at jkesler[at]brandwise.com.

About Brandwise

Brandwise is an Application Service Provider (ASP) delivering hosted software solutions to manufacturers and their sales organizations within multiple industries. Combining Order Capture and Integration technology, Business Intelligence, B2B e-Commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to enhance the coordination and communication of information between manufacturers and their sales channels, the Brandwise product suite integrates a series of powerful and leading-edge tools that help Suppliers and Sales Reps efficiently sell more products to their retailer customers in a collaborative environment. In over 12 years of operation, Brandwise consistently brings a fresh perspective, and revolutionary advancements, to a number of vertical markets from Gift and Home to Publishing, Apparel, Footwear and Sporting Goods.

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