27 July 2011

Greeting cards reward and recycle kindness

Kindness Recycled cards are designed to convey simple sentiments of kindness. The first line of cards includes "compliment," "service" or "just because." The concept is that the card is delivered in person and then registered online (at www.kindnessrecycled.com), so participants can track the journey of the cards they’ve given or received. The card giver can track the journey the card takes from one person to the next, and comment on the circumstances under which one gave or received a card.

Yiesha Beamon created Kindness Recycled in response to a tragic incident that occurred at her place of employment several years ago.

“I received such an outpouring of love through cards and letters from people all over the world,” Beamon said. “I always wanted to thank each of these people for helping me to recover. But more important, I wanted to spread this kindness that was given to me. These cards can really change the way we look at giving, greeting, reducing waste, social networking, traditions, and even fashion,” she said.

Kindness Recycled cards can be purchased individually at retail shops, in groups of three or nine or in bulk orders, or by visiting www.kindnessrecycled.com. See the company at the Chicago gift show this month.

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