20 July 2011

Spiced sour cherry spread honored at show

Spiced Sour Cherry Spread from The Gracious Gourmet was named a sofi Gold Award winner in the category of Outstanding Condiment at this month's Fancy Food show in Washington, D.C. The Spiced Sour Cherry Spread is an intensely cherry-favored spread produced by simmering Morello cherries, tart dried cherries and spices with red Burgundy wine.

Serve the spread with chicken, duck, pork or game. The food can also be used to accompany soft or semi-soft cow or sheep cheeses; mixed into basmati rice; atop a plain cheesecake; or spooned over chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

In 2009, The Gracious Gourmet earned a sofi Silver Finalist Award from the NASFT for its Dilled Carrot Tomato Tapenade. The line has also earned numerous awards from The Connecticut Specialty Food Association.

Connect with the company on its Facebook page or follow it on Twitter (@graciousgourmet).

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