17 September 2011

High-tech garden gives everyone a green thumb

A Tech Rescue for the Gardening Impaired  

Click and Grow automated flowerbeds announce full-scale production. 

By Click and Grow
(MMD Newswire) - - Click and Grow brings casual gardeners a touch of tech, allowing plants to grow on their own without outside help. The gardener adds only batteries and a two months' supply of water - the planter's sensors, processor and software do the rest. Click and Grow literally empowers gardening in absentia.

In August 2011, Click and Grow appealed to consumers to test our product, and the response was literally overwhelming. More than 20,000 consumers from around the globe signed up, but we were only able to accommodate several thousand. Now, with large-scale production underway, Click and Grow is available to consumers everywhere.

Our technology uses no soil, and plants are grown from cartridges which retail from two to eight euros. Six cartridges are currently available with another 50 soon to follow. Click and Grow's software measures all parameters affecting plant growth and knows exactly what each plant needs, enabling even the most inept gardener to grow plants with more complex needs--roses, basil, tomato, orchids.

Click and Grow's automated planter pot requires no soil and water is placed into the pot's reservoir every other month. The automated pot retails for €59 in Europe (£49 in the UK, and $79 in the US).

All Click and Grow plant cartridges fit this planter pot, though each pot may grow only one plant at a time, as plants cannot be replanted outside the Click and Grow system.

"Every year, more than 30 billion euros in houseplants are thrown away," says Click and Grow CEO Mattias Lepp. "No one can single-handedly save all those plants, but wouldn't it be nice if the average houseplant could be around longer than its current two-month average?"

Click and Grow is for sale via the web at www.clickandgrow.com and high-end gardening and design shops the world over.

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