15 December 2011

Decorating ideas to warm up every room in an apartment

The following was submitted by Apartment Finder.

President of Apartment Finder, Marcia Bollinger, offers the following low-cost but high-impact solutions to warming up every room in your apartment:

In the living room
·         Get some candles or potpourri in the scents of the season. Think spicy, rustic, with a hint or cinnamon, nutmeg, or citrus. Just be careful not to have too many scents, or you’ll be overpowered with fragrance.
·         Replace lightweight, summery curtains with warmer, heavier drapes in a color that suits the season, such as burgundy, orange, green, gold, or brown.
·         Add pillows and throws to the couch and chair – think rich, warm fabrics such as chenille and cashmere.
·         Even swap out wall decorations – take down the beach print and hang a painting of a cozy cottage.

In the kitchen
·         Add candles with delicious scents – such as freshly-baked cookies - to warm up the kitchen.
·         Add textures such as a throw rug, slipcovers on your barstools, or some thick placemats and linen napkins with decorative napkin rings.

In the dining room
·         Find a warm tablecloth in a deep red, teal, gold, or green. If you can’t find a tablecloth, try using a blanket. 
·         Make a centerpiece for the table: find a rich-hued charger, place a pillar candle in the center, and surround the candle with pinecones or cranberries.
·         Add small throw pillows to your dining room chairs.

In the bedroom
·         Trade your lightweight spread for a thick down comforter. Add several extra blankets in complementary colors and load up the bed with plenty of pillows.
·         Swap lightweight curtains for thick, warm curtains in here, as well.
·         Think natural and add rattan, wicker, and wood decorations.
·         Swap out your summer wardrobe for your winter one. If you don’t have a lot of storage space, utilize the space under the bed. Plastic bins that slide under your bed are perfect for storing lightweight shoes and clothing. Or, make your own using wooden boxes – just attach a caster to each corner.

In the bathroom: Don’t forget this space!
·         Add sink-your-toes-into-them rugs, a thick, warm bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, scented lotions, candles, towels and wash cloths in rich, warm tones and maybe even a towel warmer!
·         Switch to a fabric shower curtain.
·         If you are allowed to paint, this little space is the perfect place to add some warm color to the walls.

Now curl up with a fuzzy blanket and a mug of hot cocoa to enjoy your warm, cozy retreat! For even more information, inspiration and discussion on apartment living, décor and hunting, visit Apartment Finder’s blog, The APT.

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