12 December 2011

Premium candle fragrances debut at Atlanta gift show

The Marrakesh collection
Colonial Candle is introducing three new collections for everyday and holiday.

The Collection by Colonial Candle is the name of a new luxury fragrance collection. The line features three-wick 16-ounce candles available in five exclusive scents. The trend-driven fragrances include Gardenia and Peony, Red Currant and Quince, White Jasmine and Freesia, Seagrass and Papyrus and Ebonywood and Nectarine.

Featuring contemporary color glass containers with a four-color foil logo, each candle is packaged in a gift box. Fragrances include:
  • Gardenia and Peony: A sophisticated floral bouquet of fresh bergamot, Tahitian gardenia, and pink peony petals.
  • White Jasmine and Freesia: A soothing blend of delicate jasmine and sweet freesia wrapped in sheer musk.
  • Seagrass and Papyrus: A sensual medley of sea salted greens, wild vetiver, and oceanic moss.
  • Red Currant and Quince: An intriguing aroma of ripe red currant blended with pure sun-blushed quince and lush greens.
  • Ebonywood and Nectarine: A luxurious creation of juicy peach nectar and apricot with a touch of ebonywood warmth.

The new Destinations fragrance collection is said to be "evocative of renowned locations across the globe, including the luxurious island getaway of St. Barths, the summertime bliss of Cape Cod, and the allure of exotic Marrakesh."

The St. Barths Spring Collection consists of four fragrances called Topaz Waters, Cocoa Plum, Coral Hibiscus and Melon Mojito. Cape Cod Summer and Marrakesh are other collections in the Destinations collection.

A fall and holiday collection has 10 fragrances.
The fall and holiday collection
Each of these three Destinations segments includes four exclusive fragrances designed to transport you to each destination. All Destinations fragrances are available in 22-ounce, 8-ounce and 3.5-ounce signature oval jars, as well as glass votives.

These new collections will debut in showrooms across the country during winter 2012 markets, with delivery available starting in March.
The Atlanta showroom

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