13 January 2012

Cut the Clutter: Getting Organized in The New Year

How are those New Year's resolutions working out for you? 

If you can't see your home decor because of the clutter, you need help. Consider these ideas:

1. Only touch a piece of mail once: Sounds simple enough, but if you only touch a piece of mail once – either to file it away or throw it away – you won’t have extra papers piling up. Use a file folder to keep track of mail you do need: bills, work documents, letters and cards, coupons, etc. Then toss unwanted mail in the recycling bin.
2. Make a plan to plan:  Your smartphone calendar is great, but it helps to write appointments and reminders down with a pen or pencil. Use an agenda or planner as a physical reminder of your busy schedule.
3. Pick a closet theme: No matter your personal preference, organize your closet by “theme.” Hang clothes, shoes and accessories by specific categories like designer, color, style or purpose.

Read two more great ideas on the A Bullseye View blog by Target. See: 
Cut the Clutter: Getting Organized in The New Year

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