15 February 2012

DNA is a new design fair in Copenhagen

Press Release
In September 2012 Copenhagen welcomes the World of design with the launch of a new annual fair for contemporary furniture, lightning and design objects. The focus of the fair is to catch the essence of the Nordic high quality design and its creative DNA. To show that Nordic design is contemporary, modern, and innovative and continues to evolve, while standing on the shoulders of the giants of the past. This is why the fair is simply named: DNA. The initiative is created by the pioneering team behind the CPH Vision/ Terminal-2 fashion fair, a fashion event that in few years has become one of the most exciting of its kind in Europe.

DNA is new design hub with an exclusive mix of Scandinavian and international brands, of creative talent and established manufactures. As a natural melting and gathering point for retailers, buyers, architects, interior designers, journalist and design lovers, DNA is loaded with the potential to become a new platform for design in Northern Europe. Situated in the stunning old warehouse Lokomotivværkstedet in the centre of Copenhagen the fair is a new key event in the international design calendar. 

“For some time Copenhagen has lacked a fair for furniture, lightning and design. A place that once a year puts focus on and celebrates the creative and exiting development and a fair is just the right thing for that. It seems so natural since furniture and design is such a big part of our Nordic consciousness and the Danish capital has everything needed to host such an event: Great architecture and culture, accessibility and modern infrastructure” says Erik Rimmer, editor-in-chief of the exclusive Danish design and living magazine BO BEDRE.

The launch of DNA is an important step on the path to establishing Copenhagen as an epicentre for high quality design of the kind that caters for a demanding audience. This is a step, which is very welcomed by the key players in the design industry.

“The DNA fair focuses on quality and not quantity, which makes it different from other events in the same category. It is a platform for the companies that are thinking ahead and doing really well,” says Michael Anker, the Danish CEO of the Italian lightning company Luceplan.

“With the fair at Lokomotivværkstedet we now have the optimal setting for Nordic brands to show the world what they do so well – and for international brands as Luceplan to show their work in this high quality context. And putting focus on quality in both design and materials points backwards to a proud tradition in Scandinavia and at the same time it points to a future where a lot of newer, innovative brands are heading for success,” Michael Anker explains.

In order to ensure Copenhagen as a landmark on the international map of design we thrive to include a number of high-end brands, such as Engelbrecht and Hay situated in the Danish capital as well as Luceplan and Montana, that already created permanent showrooms at Pakhus 48 in the area Nordhavn. These companies have already shown their interest in participating at DNA and with the new annual DNA fair the companies see an even stronger potential of showing just how much Copenhagen has to offer as a major and international design city.

“I warmly welcome this initiative. Copenhagen simply has to have a design fair.  Lokomotivværkstedet is a unique location for Danish as well as international design and we at Montana are looking forward to combining what we do at Pakhus 48 with DNA. It is important that we are all heading in the same direction in order to attract as much attention as possible to Copenhagen and the great World of Nordic design,” says CEO of Montana, Joakim Lassen.

WHEN: 6-9 of September 2012
WHERE: Lokomotivværkstedet, a stunning 15,000 m2 warehouse in the centre of Copenhagen.
WHAT: DNA exhibits in all categories, including living, retail, office and public.

Additional info: Jan Busch Carlsen, Exhibition Professionals, Phone +45 3964 8586 – Mobile +45 4095 8586 – E-mail jbc@cphvision.dk or Tine Jaegerskou at: Email tj@cphvision.dk

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