22 February 2012

A rubber ducky in yellow or black

Kontextür has teamed up with Icelandic designer Atlason to reinvent the classic Rubber Ducky in the signature Kontextür style. Duck Harry is a cheeky, contemporary and lead-free homage to this iconic bath denizen. It was introduced at the New York International Gift Fair this month.

The duck is made from durable silicone, which has a velvety matte finish. Use it as a toothbrush or toothpaste tube holder, a doorstop or a paperweight. Harry can do almost anything...except float. The duck comes in yellow and black.  

About kontextür
Kontextür is a cutting edge New York-based home accessories design company with a current focus on the bath. Entrepreneur Kenneth Schiller is the founder and creative director. The company’s expanding line of products includes avant garde curtain rings, couture shower curtains, as well as a soap dish/brush and toothbrush holders. While abiding by the core principals of quality, innovation and functionality, with an eye towards the curious and whimsical, the company embarks on strategic partnerships with a cadre of like-minded global designers such as Kaniez Abdi, Hlynur Atlason and Josh Owen to develop their fashion forward home decor solutions.

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