18 April 2012

Colonial Candle adds a London collection of fragrances

The Colonial Candle London Destinations collection is now available to retailers to order, with shipping beginning June 15. Colonial Candle’s new collection celebrates London with new fragrances including:
  • Chocolate Souffle: Enjoy decadence fit for a queen with rich custard notes of melted chocolate and caramelized sweet sugar.
  • Afternoon Tea. Revitalize your senses with relaxing and serene notes of fresh lemon juice, white freesia and fresh brewed tea.
  • Abbey Road.Experience the vintage retro feel of Abbey Road with fresh undertones of green galbanum, earthy musk and flower power top notes.
  • Poppy Fields. Celebrate the sparkling radiance of beautiful poppy fields with a blend of wild strawberry, dew kissed leaves and cream rose petals.
The Destinations fragrance collection also includes candles evoking the luxurious island getaway of St. Barths, the summertime bliss of Cape Cod, and the allure of exotic Marrakesh (search this blog to read more about these fragrances). Each of these collections includes four exclusive fragrances designed to transport you on a trip around the world. All Destinations fragrances are available in 22-ounce, 8-ounce and 3.5-ounce signature oval jars, as well as oval glass votives.

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