16 April 2012

Earth-friendly housewares made of bamboo

Natural Home Products collection
Natural Home & Garden magazine debuted a line of housewares at the  2012 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago last month. The line, called Natural Home Products, is meant to offer the consumer sustainable products with exceptional quality that are priced at or below the current market leaders is a huge step forward, says company president Bill Mitchell. 

Among the items is the space-saving Eazistore nesting cookware set, which reduces required storage space by up to 67 percent. The line is oven- and dishwasher-safe as well as recyclable.
Another collection is made from the material Moboo. The molded-bamboo kitchenware is made from bamboo sawdust, rice starch and an all-natural plant-based binder. It is durable, nontoxic and dishwasher-safe with a similar look and feel to plastic. The Moboo line is composed of kitchen tools, gadgets, bowls, measuring cups/spoons and compost bins. Most are available in a variety of colors such as Charcoal, Natural, Cherry and Pistachio. 

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