08 April 2013

7 W Displays Tabletop with a Rococo Style Tabletop Week April 16 – 19, 2013

Stop by 7 W during tabletop market starting April 16. We will be displaying our showrooms’ latest products in an artistic rococo-style, highlighting our elegant and wittier side.

Visit our new showrooms at 7 W New York:  

  • J.T. Rose & Co., Suite 904
  • Star Home,  Suite 925 
We are proud to have the following showrooms with tabletop products "Made In America." 
  • Creative Bath Products, Inc., Suite 304
  • InterDesign, Inc., Suite 504
  • Thompson Ferrier LLC, Suite 545
  • tag ,Suite 928
Work your way to the top, stopping at these tabletop showrooms:  

Two’s Company in their lobby suite will give you a look at their latest creation “wowing” you yet again. Make sure to visit their newly designed web site and then come in and review all of their latest collections in person instead of the glimpse you get from their products featured in House BeautifulRedbookCoastal LivingWomen’s’ Day, or Gift Shop.  

Creative Bath Products in Suite 304, a MADE IN THE USA showroom, will show you all of their products starting from their famous beverage dispenser to their new round server set and ultimate condiment station, offering a plethora of hosting options for any get-together, outdoor, or indoor party in their new digs.  

Home Essentials in Suite 400 is always turning around their showroom and newest product for display in colorful sections filled to the ceiling while steps away you can visit Godingers’ Suite 407 full of beautiful crystal and silver pieces.

The latest AQ tableware collections are at Robely in Suite 423, happily awaiting your arrival.

Zak! Designs in Suite 700 at the elevator front, gives new shape to their serving bowls, increasing functionality to their Luna colanders, and adding fun with their new mini trivbits.

Don’t forget to add a little “spark” to your tableware list with Forever Flame by Boston Warehouse in Suite 713, which is one of the only flameless candles engineered to resemble a real flame!  

TMD Holdings in Suite 721 has launched an entire line dedicated to the fun & function of using chalkboard accents to express your style anyway you want! People love to personalize everything, so not only can you write on it with chalk, but it erases easily and you can start the fun again! It is a great way to leave a love note for your significant other, warnings to co-workers for using your mug, or simple words of wisdom or quotes to brighten a day! 

Vance Kitira in Suite 727 is known for their handcrafted candles and accessories will launch their new “Gold Rush” dinner pattern. A uniquely splash of gold color, each dinner and salad plate will be as individual as a fingerprint. Special processing and time in the kiln create this unusual and coveted dinnerware. The soup/cereal bowl is a burnished gold color to offset and complement its plate partners. Looks may be deceiving, but these pieces are completely ceramic and dishwasher/microwave safe. 

Newcomer J.T. Rose & Co. in Suite 904 is launching beautifully tiled and mosaic mirrors, vases, and dinnerware that are a must-see.  

Richard Cohen Collections in Suite 907 has a great new set of tabletop from iittala,Annieglass, Nambe, and much more. 

tag is now showing in Suite 928 and will be delighted to share with you their latest collections, another one of our MADE IN THE USA showrooms. 

KavalierGlass of North America in Suite 924 has expanded its "Smart Touch" casserole line with comfortable inset grips. Come see the entire line of Simax brand glass cookware, the only borosilicate glass cookware available in the United States. This is the most heat resistant and safest with the healthiest cooking surface available. 

Red Vanilla in Suite 935 will show off their new crystal and capiz shell giftware such as coaster sets, along with some hot collections of flatware with mahogany settings.   

7 W NEW YORK® is a wholesale mart building, catering to the buyers of Home Décor, Table Top, Giftware, Textiles, Decorative Accessories, Fine Arts and related industries. Located at 7 W 34th Street, its daily hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm with extended hours during special market weeks.  7 W New York is a trademark of Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. (MMPI). 

Keep visiting www.7wnewyork.com  or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  

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